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Does the Nice Knot offer less elongation than the modified Prusik Knot? An in vitro study in cadaver quadriceps tendons. Shahbaz Malik, Darren Hart, Sara Parashin, Jason Peeler, Sheila McRae, Peter MacDonald. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research. Mar 1, 2022.


Survivorship of constrained polyethylene inserts in primary total knee replacements
Kevin D. Stockwell, Trevor C. Gascoyne, Mandip Singh, Thomas R. Turgeon.
The Knee Volume 27, Issue 5, October 2020, Pages 1343-1348

Midterm Results of a Contemporary, Porous-Coated Acetabular System in Patients Undergoing Primary Total Hip Replacement for Degenerative Hip Disease: A Prospective, Multicenter Study Ian R Wilson, Thomas R Turgeon, Trevor C Gascoyne, Craig J Della Valle, Richard W McCalden. J Arthroplasty. 2020 Jul;35(7):1862-1867.


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Damage Assessment of Retrieved Birmingham Monoblock Cups: Is Conversion to Dual-Mobility Head a Viable Revision Option? Gascoyne T, Lanting B, Derksen K, Teeter M, Turgeon T.
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Biant L, Gascoyne T, Bohm E, Moran M. J Engineering in Medicine. 2016 Feb;230(3):251-256.

In Vivo Wear Performance of Cobalt-Chromium Versus Oxidized Zirconium Femoral Total Knee Replacements
Gascoyne T, Teeter M, Guenther L, Burnell C, Bohm E, Naudie D.
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Stem-Sleeve Junction Failure of a Modular Femoral Hip System: a Retrieval Analysis
Waly F, Abduljabbar F, Gascoyne T, Turgeon T, Huk O.
HSS Journal. 2015 Oct;11(3):285-290.


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Prediction of backside micromotion in total knee replacements by finite element simulation

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