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Pre-Admission Clinic (PAC)

In the weeks prior to surgery, you will be contacted by the pre admission clinic (PAC with an appointment. When attending your PAC visit bring:

  • All medications in their original containers (including vitamins and herbal products)
  • Magazine/ book (visit may be 1 to 4 hours long)
  • Specific questions you may have about your surgery

At the clinic you may be seen by one or several of the following health care providers:

The nurse will go over your medical history and answer any questions you may have about the surgery and the hospital stay.

A member of the anaesthesia team will examine you and discuss the different types of anaesthesia. Further blood work or tests may be ordered.
There may be a need to delay surgery while further tests are done to ensure it is safe to proceed.

**The anaesthesiologist and nurse will go over your medications with you and advise you which medications should be stopped prior to surgery. You will need to stop all vitamins and herbal medications 10 days before your surgery date or your surgery could be cancelled.

A physiotherapist will check the movement and strength in your legs, and arms. You will be instructed on exercises to practice before and after your surgery. The therapist will discuss your expectations, lifestyle habits, hobbies and work activities so that you can work together to develop a rehabilitation plan to meet your goals. The therapist will assess your needs for assistive equipment and make suggestions accordingly.

Occupational Therapist
An occupational therapist will discuss changes you will need to make to your home in order to remain safe and follow your movement restrictions. They will also recommend adaptive equipment to make activities of daily living such as getting dressed or bathing easier.
Important information you will receive at PAC:

Walking Is Man's Best Medicine

Although it was many years ago, the statement by Hippocrates holds the truth to healthy lifestyles today. However many people are unable to walk or take an active role in their health due to the pain and limitations caused by Arthritis. At Concordia Joint Replacement Group, we provide options to reduce pain and improve the wellbeing of persons affected by Arthritis.

We strive for excellence in the clinical care of patients undergoing joint replacement of the hip or knee through high quality standards for patient safety, patient education, rehabilitation and surgical techniques. The team at the Concordia Joint Replacement Group and the Concordia Hospital in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority value research and the latest strategies to achieve high levels of patient satisfaction.

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The Concordia Joint Replacement Group is supported by The Concordia Foundation, Manitoba, Canada.

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Charitable tax receipts will be issued from The Concordia Foundation. Please address cheque to The Concordia Foundation and designate your gift for the Arthroplasty Research Chair at Concordia.


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